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Our Volunteer Services

Other than our professional activities we understand our responsibility for the betterment of our society and the people and the whole environment. We love to contribute in causes and social activities by offering our services voluntarily.

We have been contributing voluntarily in different ECO Friendly campaigns even we designed couple of successful event ideas and got recognition and awards.

We always loved to work for 'people with special abilities' we contributed in couple of organizations and offer our services for their beneficiaries.

Many organizations are running free educational institutes or boarding schools by offering free education, meal, residence, uniform and books etc, we loved to serve their causes.

We have always been interested to take part in religious activities whether it's been an institutional work or any religious events we tried to be a beneficiary of all the blessings & well wishes being rewarded.

If you are an individual, an institute, an organization or a corporate entity and are looking for your volunteer partner in any non-profit activity, event, campaign, program or project or what so ever relating to:

  • Environment Friendly activities
  • People with special abilities
  • Education
  • Child Protection
  • People in Disaster
  • Emergency Response
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • or other Social beneficial events & activities

We can serve you in:

  • Designing of printing/publishing material
  • Concept, Ideas & Innovation
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Photography
  • Digitization of any traditional matter
  • Participation
  • Manuals or Modules development

or any other area where you think that we can serve your noble cause you'll find Canvas Pakistan aligned with you to contribute.